$99 per month

$399 per sale transaction

$99 per lease transaction

​No other hidden fees or costs

iHome Florida Real Estate is hiring Realtors

If you are a full-time Realtor, we have a place for you.

We offer a competitive commission plan that makes you more money. 

The iHome Florida Advantage:

and Non-Realtors and Part-Time Agents too!

• Full-time or part-time agents welcome

• Work from home

• Negotiate your own commission rates with your clients

• Offer full-service listings, menu-based services, buyer or seller rebates, etc

• No floor time

• No sales quotas, no sales goals, no mandatory sales meetings

• No hidden fees to you or your clients

• Input your own listings and photos into MLS

• All listings migrated to over 70+ online listings portals such as Zillow, Trulia, etc

• All calls or emails on your listings forwarded directly to you

• Business marketing packages available (ie. business cards, signs, website, social media, etc)

• Option of getting paid your commission at closing if available

• Errors & Ommissions Insurance included

• First-run of custom business cards and a custom name badge included FREE

• Access to company CRM online software

• Use of company signs

• In-house property management services for your clients/investors

Join Us

Even if you are not a Realtor or if you work part-time, make more money with iHome. 

Join us today! For more information please email mike@mikesREteam.com

80% / 20% Split

​No other hidden fees or costs

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